Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hi, I'm Stefy! :)

I'm a 27 year-old (yes, 27! ::gasp::) graduate student. I'm currently quickly driving myself insane in my simultaneous pursuit of a Master's Degree in Education and my Florida teaching certification. As you have probably been able to figure out, I want to be a teacher! Specifically, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd graders. No, I have not lost my mind just yet - I simply adore kids! Basically, I'm a child at heart, I'm size-equivalent to them, and I have an eternal fairy-tale complex - we understand each other. This dedication to my education (and near-future career!) has led to the demise of my once crazy social life. Instead, I now spend my free time baking, cooking, and drawing. I always knew I had talent when it came to art, but the kitchen was a completely different story. I would roll my eyes at my mom and tell her that I'd have a maid when I got married. Almost as soon as I started grad school last Spring, I also started trying my hand in the kitchen and guess what?! I'm great at it! I love to cook new things, but baking is what really makes me happy. My family is always complaining that I'm trying to get them fat because I'm known to make up to 3 different types of treats each weekend! How am I soooo skinny, you ask? Well, I'm allergic to dairy :(. But it's okay, because as long as I can create things that will make other people smile, that tastes just as sweet to me! So enjoy my adventures and thanks for looking! :)


  1. Your blog is the cherry on top to all the creative qualities you possess and express. I am so happy you have found your calling, not only in educating young children, but in the kitchen as a cute lil betty crocker. You continue to make me proud. Love you bff

  2. Awh! Cutest post ever! I'm glad I have such awesome people around me that are willing to eat my creations :D .. You're the bestest friend ever, thanks for all your support, always, in EVERYTHING! Love you! <3